S. Moser

Cassie Case, News Writer

Christy Song is very well known throughout the school, mainly because of her being head drum major for the Legion of Generals Marching Band. She does keep a very busy schedule. Christy is involved in band, BETA club, National Honor Society, Science Club, and FBLA. And that’s just the school-related activities. Outside of school, she is First Violin in the Chattanooga Youth Symphony, she’s in a chamber choir for nursing homes and hospitals, and she is involved in her church worship team. That’s an amazing number of hours to spend working towards building a future.

While Christy’s public persona is well-known, I wanted to get a better idea of what Christy does on a day-to-day basis. Christy said that “getting up is the hardest part” about mornings for her. She said that after she finally gets up, a shower seems to wake her up. She then eats breakfast and drives to school. Her classes this first semester are Human Anatomy, AP Literature, Honors Physics, and, of course, Band. She does take her first block online, so she doesn’t technically have to be at school until second block, but sometimes she goes to the library to work or to a practice room to play her violin. Christy eats lunch in Mr. Trobaugh’s room with her friends and they “either talk, do homework, or are just on our phones.” She eats there with friends she’s close to that are not in band: Emily Wiley, Saulye Nichols, and Rachel Townley. After school, she normally will have rehearsals for orchestra or marching band or have lessons for flute and violin. After she finally gets home, she practices, does homework, and studies. She finally gets to bed around 12:30 a.m.—if it’s a good day. On the weekends, Christy sleeps. In any spare time she might have, she listens to or plays music. She also enjoys watching TV shows and movies. She watches Korean TV shows a lot, but loves the Office.

Being very involved with music, she says her favorite thing about it is “[how] musicians can tell a story through music.” She said, “I always had trouble expressing my emotions through words, but I can show my feelings through how I play. I also love how there can be many different interpretations.” Christy plays violin, piano, and flute. “I don’t really have a favorite instrument to play. Every instrument has its own uniqueness that make them all enjoyable to play. Violin is fun to play because I’ve been playing for a very long time and I can play a lot of pieces. Piano and flute are fun to play because they give me more challenges. It feels great to achieve things that I was not able to do.”

Lastly, there is what you’ve all been waiting for. This year, Christy was crowned Homecoming Queen. “Even before winning, I was grateful that I was getting a huge support from the band. Being crowned made me realise that I could not be me without them. I’m loving them even more!” she said. She plans to “keep being thankful, and hopefully can do more things to pay back the support of the band, family, teachers, and friends” with her win.