P. Johnson

P. Johnson

Paige Johnson, Sports Writer

Braces have become very popular among teenagers. More than four million people in the United States wear braces, and twenty-five percent of these people are adults. Braces now come in different forms: metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, and Invisalign. The most common form is the metal braces. Although they are the most noticeable, they are the least expensive and are not as troubling as they were previously. Another kind of braces is ceramic braces. These are more expensive than the traditional kind, but they are not as noticable. Since they are made out of ceramic, they are the same color and texture as the teeth. Lingual braces are metal as well, but they are on the inside of the teeth, and not the outside. Negative effects to wearing these is that they are hard to clean, and can sometimes make it difficult to talk. Many people who do not want something noticeable get Invisalign. This method costs more, but is supposed to not take as long as the traditional metal braces.

Like most people, I have the traditional metal braces. I did not get my braces until Christmas of eighth grade year. Once I got them, they told me I was would have to wear them for two years, although that is a common thing to tell patients. I have had mine for almost six months, and although I begged for them to be put on, I cannot wait for them to be taken off. Already, I can tell a huge difference in my teeth and cannot wait to get them off. When I got them on, we were on Winter Break, and I was going on vacation with my aunt’s family the next day. The whole week, I mostly consumed Tylenol, macaroni and cheese, and baked potatoes. For my first couple appointments, I got navy put on my brackets, but now I would rather not have color. Many kids enjoy getting colors, but it’s just not my thing. Since I got my braces so late, I will not be able to get them off until December of my sophomore year, and by then I will fifteen. Most of my friends got their braces off last year, this year, or plan on getting them off soon. My parents always told me to wait on getting braces because they thought it was ridiculous to put braces on a young kid, and they never thought my teeth were that bad. It is not uncommon for kids to get braces in elementary school, and many of these people got theirs off way before high school started. Although my braces do not hurt, and the appearance doesn’t bother me, I still cannot wait to get my braces off and see how straight my teeth will be.