M. Petteys

M. Petteys

Karli Thornburg, Sports Writer

Friday September 21, 2018 the Heritage General High School football team played against Ridgeland High School at Ridgeland and, sadly, once again took another loss. With another loss, the General spirit still hasn’t gave up. The Generals are still going to every home game to support the team and going crazy at our pep rallies at school. Homecoming week at school was also an exciting time for spirit. For the Generals to be going through a rough patch right now, the spirit hasn’t slipped away at all.

Sadly, the Heritage Football guys took a loss of 53 to 28 Friday night at Ridgeland. Although the team did amazing, scored 4 touchdowns and ran amazing yards, somehow they still took another upsetting loss. This now makes the Generals have a loss of 3 games in a row.

The Legion of Generals, as always, did amazing. Their halftime performance was, “Phantom of the Opera.” and Ridgeland played “The Wizard of Oz.” Throughout the year, the Legion of Generals will play “The Phantom of the Opera.” Now, after saying that our band did amazing, as always, Ridgeland’s band did fantastic as well. “The Wizard of Oz,” is a very well known movie, and the songs on the movie are very well written.

Although the Generals football team didn’t do as expected, everyone who is a part of the Generals family are very proud of what they’ve done and what they’ve accomplished. The football boys will go back on the field with their heads high and ready to defeat the opponent, no matter who they are!