C. Case

C. Case

Cassie Case, News Writer

When I was little, I had a couple of bunnies. I’ve always been raised in church, and I used to go to three Vacation Bible Schools each year (mine and both sets of grandparents churches’). I was at grandparent’s VBS one week when I was probably around seven years old. There was a man my grandparents knew pretty well that always went to get some baby farm animals to show the kids every year. On the last day, he came up to me and asked if I wanted a couple of bunnies, and of course, as a seven year old, I did. He told me it was a lot of responsibility, but I just wanted the bunnies. He said as long as it was okay with my Granny that I could keep them. I went running around trying to find her, and of course she said yes, assuming they were stuffed animals or something. She didn’t imagine someone just offering free bunnies, but he was. I went back to the man, and he got a box for me to bring them home in. I went to my Granny with the box and she was shocked, but she let me keep them because I was so excited about them.

We got home and did some research on how to take care of them, and then we went shopping for supplies. We got back, and I played them. One bunny was white, and I named him Snowball. He was the boy. Moonlight was my girl, and she was a dark grey color. I remember Snowball was so small in comparison to Moonlight.

My mom wasn’t very happy about the bunnies and so they had to stay at my grandparent’s house, which is four and a half hours away from where I live. The bunnies stayed there for a few years until we visited once and they weren’t there. I asked my Granny where they were, and she said that since her and my Papaw traveled a lot, they had to give the bunnies to a farm. I didn’t realize for years that the bunnies probably either ran away or died. I still don’t know for sure what happened to them, but I know they aren’t at my grandparent’s….