K. Thornburg

K. Thornburg

Karli Thornburg, Sports Writer

After an exhausting first nine weeks, the whole school is relieved. Since it was the first nine weeks of the school year, everyone freaked out and took it very seriously. The teachers were very busy throughout the whole nine weeks and were trying to figure out how the kids in their classes learn and how they act.

Within the first week, everyone was already slammed with homework and assignments. In my first week, I can think of many work and homework assignments that I had. I was really scared and stressed out. Through the first couple of weeks, that nervousness and stress stayed. In the middle of the first nine weeks, I settled in, calmed down about everything, and did my work in every class just like they were the same class. I spent the same amount of time in each class, and outside of class, I spent the same amount of time on each class that I needed to spend time with.

Talking to my close friend Rachel Skiles, she felt the same way. She says, “I’m always stressed out and really busy at the beginning of the new nine weeks. I want to make a good first impression on my teachers and show them that I’m a good, hard-working student.”  

Depending on how you take in all of the work and all of the stress, you may be better or worse at  dealing. No matter the time, you need to stay focused, keep to yourself, buckle down, and get your work done.