P. Johnson

P. Johnson

Karli Thornburg, Sports Writer

Being as picky as I am, I wanted a certain backpack. I can’t tell you why I wanted this certain backpack, but I did. Going from having an Adidas backpack, an Under Armour backpack, and a Nike backpack, I needed something else: the High Sierra backpack.

While I was on the hunt for this backpack, I was starving the whole time, but I didn’t want to tell my dad. So my dad, being hungry like any normal human being, went to Burger King. As I told him I wasn’t hungry, I decided to eat his hamburger instead of getting food. Anyways, we were in Chattanooga at the mall and never found the backpack – didn’t find it at any sport store, any shoe store, or any store. I was getting aggravated because if the mall didn’t have the bag, then I thought that any other store wouldn’t have it. So, my dad decided to use his cellular device to find out what store would have this bag. Looking the bag up, he found that several stores in the area we were in would have the bag, and the store closest to us was, Bed, Bath, and Beyond. As any of you who go into Bed, Bath and Beyond know, the store is VERY big. My dad and I walked around the whole store and didn’t see any backpacks at all. Not even one. I asked an employee, and she said, “We don’t carry backpacks, sorry.” I honestly thought my eye was gonna twitch out of socket. Then, my dad and I got back in the car and went to the closest store that said they had the backpack. As we pulled up to this store, Dick’s Sporting Goods, my brother, who is two years old, decides to throw his sprite on me. With the sprite being negative seven degrees, I walked into the store having a good feeling about everything. As I was walking to the backpack section, I didn’t see any High Sierra backpacks at all. There were plenty of backpacks I could’ve gotten; Under Armour, North Face, Adidas, Nike, and many other sporting backpacks, but they didn’t have my High Sierra, so I didn’t want their backpacks. Supposedly, Dick’s Sporting Goods doesn’t even carry the brand. Once again, I was getting aggravated, and it didn’t help that I had negative seven degree sprite all over me. Since we skip fall and go right into winter, it was freezing outside.

Since nobody in the Chattanooga area had my backpack, I decided to go back to Georgia and try places here, starting with the school supply god, Office Depot. Of course, they were sold out. Then, I went to Staples, and they had never even heard of the backpack.

My boyfriend has the same backpack that I wanted, and I got the bright idea to text him to see where he got it; of course it was in Cleveland, TN at Dunham’s. Looking at my dad, thinking that we wouldn’t make it in time considering that we only had 45 minutes until they closed, he mashed on it. Somehow, we got there in 30 minutes all the way from Fort Oglethorpe. I decided to walk in to see if they had it, and if they didn’t, I had the idea in my head to start crying because I would have been very, very angry and aggravated. I walked to the backpack section before my dad could even get into the store, and when I got there, I saw it!! Immediately, my whole body uplifted from the center of the Earth and felt so relieved. I grabbed the one I wanted and found my dad. He seemed more excited than I was just for the fact that he didn’t have to drive around and hear about the backpack any longer. Once the backpack was bought, everyone in the car had a very awkward and silent ride home because we had all realized what we just did to find this backpack: drove over 100 miles.