H. Roberts

H. Roberts

Hannah Roberts, Editor-in-Chief

Like all seniors, I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to be doing a year from now. Of course, I have tentative plans – college, Atlanta, scholarships – but none of those matter unless I can make it happen. On Saturday, October 24, I attended an open house at Emory University, one of the few schools on my shortlist at this point. After sending them my FAFSA information, it only felt right that I take a trip down there.

When I was younger, only around twelve years old or so, I was at Emory for an event. It’s sufficient to say that young me was not impressed by the campus, and all I wanted to do then was go back home. Because of my strong, resilient stubbornness, I maintained that conviction for years, only agreeing to visit it for my mother and to be entirely sure that I didn’t want to go.

During my visit, I was amazed by all of the opportunities there. I could just picture myself there. There is activism on campus, a spanish club, plenty of diversity, and it is about a ten minute drive to the heart of Atlanta. Now, I will definitely be applying to Emory in early November. Everything about the school is perfect for me… except the tuition. Emory is not a definitive plan for me, but I’m hoping that it could be with the right amount of financial aid.