M. Petteys

M. Petteys

Karli Thornburg, Sports Writer

If you’re a Bulldog fan, you’ve had some good days recently. The Georgia Bulldogs took a win against Tennessee on a Saturday evening. The score was 38-12 with the Vols falling a little bit behind.

With Tennessee being 2-3 and Georgia being 5-0, Tennessee didn’t really, by visual representation, have a chance of winning. Over the past 2 years, Georgia has came up more than anyone thought they would. Earlier in the year, Georgia played Alabama in the National Championship in January and barely lost. Alabama beat Georgia by 26-23 because of a field goal kick, so Georgia is expected to do better than they did last year.

During the Tennessee game, Georgia had very good offense following negativity with everyone wanting to talk about was how bad Georgia’s run defense was. Missouri supposedly ran all over Georgia’s defense and made the dawgs look weak. Besides just two possessions, Georgia really dominated Tennessee’s offense. In the first quarter, Georgia made a touchdown and kicked a field goal with a lead of 10-0 in less than 15 minutes. In the second quarter, the bulldogs also scored another touchdown with a field goal kick of 3 points, making it 20-0 and turning it over to half time. In the third quarter, Tennessee finally scored one touchdown, making it 20-6. Then Georgia scored another touchdown with no field goal or conversion of two points, making the score 26-6. Finally, in the fourth quarter, Georgia scored an astonishing two field goals with conversions, making the score change to 38-6. Before the end of the game, Tennessee scored one final touchdown, making the score a final 38-12 at the end of the fourth quarter.