M. Petteys

M. Petteys

Karli Thornburg, Sports Writer

The Heritage High School softball team has been working very hard for their spot in the state championship games, and over the past weekend they finally got it. On Saturday, October 27, 2018, the softball team won the the State Championship.

Through all of the struggles of school and the struggles on the field, the girls pulled through and got the big win! Rachel Gibson says, “The coaches were a big part of the win. They gave us a lot of mental practice. They gave us mental things during practice that way we could understand how to react to certain things.”

Rachel also says, “Winning the game and being able to have this experience felt insane. It still doesn’t seem real. All of us were crying and we were so happy. I tried my best to help out the team by throwing strikes and to get the outs we needed. I did whatever I could while hitting. Every single day, we practiced and did a lot of hitting in the hitting facility. The day of the game was very nerve wracking. We were all excited. We knew we were gonna win. During the whole time, we played 4 games in total – one Thursday, two Friday, and the championship game on Saturday. The game itself went by in slow motion; it didn’t seem real. On the way back home, the bus was fun. We all were listening to music. We were still happy, and, of course, at that time, it still didn’t seem real. Our parents were at the school waiting for us. As we pulled up, they were all cheering and crying and they all hugged everyone. It was an amazing experience.”

The Heritage softball team did amazing over the weekend. They set a good example for our school and they showed everyone how successful a General can be. They fought hard and got what they wanted.