M. Patten

M. Patten

Makaela Patten, Entertainment Writer

Recently, I wrote about my experience getting my ears repierced for not the second, but the third time. When you get your ears pierced (the right way), they will put in earrings with a longer post to accommodate for swelling. They will also use a flat back earring. A flat back is just how it sounds: a post with a flat back on it and the front screwed on. Not even a week after I got them pierced, one of the gems (that screwed on the front) had fallen off when I was sleeping, and I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere. So, the following Friday I drove back to Chattanooga to get the gem replaced.

While sitting on the piercing/tattoo table, I was looking at the picture of the model on the wall with examples of all the facial/ear piercings you could get, and what they look like when they’re actually on your face. With the said model staring through me the entire time I was getting my earring replaced, I suddenly felt the urge to get another piercing. My first thought was the one I’ve been absolutely gawking over recently, the industrial piercing (the bar that goes horizontally through the top cartilage of your ear), also known as one of the most god awful piercings when it comes to pain, upkeep, and healing time. However, with my piercer Morgan talking horror stories of the industrial piercing and pounding them into my head, I decided to put a pin in the idea and save it for a few months down the road.

Since I was already there and wanted another piercing, I did exactly the opposite of what I said at the end of my last editorial: “I plan to continue to get pierced in other areas, such as my nose when I get a bit older.” I got my nose pierced that night. A week can be considered a bit older, right?