M. Petteys

M. Petteys

Karli Thornburg, Sports Writer

Towards the end of the season in every sport, there is a Senior Night. Senior Night is where the seniors of the team, like in football, get recognized for what they’ve done and how they’re leaving the team to move on in their career and life.

Sadly, in a past football game, Thomas Owens had a major injury on his leg. Thomas broke his femur due to a dog pile on the football after a win against Southeast. Since Thomas is a senior and a big part of the team, it was a major setback and a big heartbreak. Many people were affected by the accident.

Although Heritage had a bumpy ending to a new beginning, they had an amazing Senior Night. Senior Wes Lozano, Zach Angel, and Jeffrey Curtis had some things to say about their very own senior night.

Wes Lozano has made Heritage High School very proud over the past four years. Wes felt very happy and sad at the same time on senior night. He was happy that high school football was over that way he could move on to bigger things, and he was also upset about Thomas being there and not being able to play on his own senior night. Wes is amazing at what he does: being quarterback, running back, and punter all in one; he has a lot of talent. Wes has a scholarship waiting for him if he wants it in Indiana with an internship in the FBI. Although he has many scholarship offers, Indiana is his best interest right now.

Zach Angel is another senior that has made Heritage proud. Zach was sad that the years of High School football was over, but he’s ready to move on in his life to make accomplishments. Although Zach didn’t get any scholarship offers, he plans on going to college. He plays defense, and he is good at what he does. Zach thought the guys had a rough start to the game, but they got better through the first quarter. Zach said he enjoyed the time he had with the guys and the time he had with his coaches who taught him everything he needed to know.

The guys are very sad that their senior year is over and that their high school career has come to an end, but they are grateful of the opportunities they have gotten throughout the years and they are excited to see what will come in the future.