C. Case

C. Case

Cassie Case, News Writer

Money in your pocket is a generally a good thing to have, and getting a job on the side of school is a good way to do that. I used to have a job working at the Krystal in Ringgold. While I loved my job, I had to leave because with me being in band and marching season, it was too much to keep my grades up. My choice was to either give up band or my job, and there was no way I’d ever give up band, so I left Krystal in September. I had known that I wanted to start working again after marching season since I’d have an awful lot of time freed up without it. I love keeping myself busy. Generally, without staying busy, I stay super tired.

So, it was time for me to get a job again. Getting a job this time around was super easy because the lady who hired me is the mom of a friend. I work at Michaels now, and I’ve always thought it would be a good place to work because of how naturally crafty I am. She started me out on Black Friday, and of course I was a little nervous. I got sent to the bank with the lady who handles the money as soon as I walked in. They told me that it was pretty busy, but, honestly, compared to fast food, it was super easy. Nothing against either of the different work environments, but fast food does require a lot more of constantly going and working. I love having a job, and while this one is only supposed to be seasonal, I’ll still enjoy it while I have it.