I. Shank

I. Shank

Ian Shank, Entertainment Writer

James William Buffett III, born in Pascagoula, Mississippi, probably never thought as a child that as an adult, he would own a chain of restaurants, hotels, write seven books, and release 39 albums, and would be the subject of a documentary called “Parrot Heads.” Yet, James, best known as Jimmy Buffett, would go on to do all of the above.

Jimmy Buffett, a master storyteller, is one of the best lyricists in the game. Each of his songs is able to tell one or multiple stories. From the aftermath of a war-torn city in “He went to Paris,” Buffett’s own lifestyle in “A Pirate Looks at Forty,” and Skip WIley’s adventures in “The Ballad of Skip Wiley,” Buffett’s songs are brimming with outlandish (and sometimes serious) characters and narratives that have given us some classic trop-rock songs. My personal favorites being “A Pirate looks at Forty” and “Come Monday.”

As for his restaurants, they’re fun places to go to. There are Margaritavilles all over the globe. Having been to only two of them, I can definitively say that the best one is in Universal’s CIty Walk down in Orlando. It’s filled to the rim with Buffett-inspired decor including a giant Volcano (that will go off), mini cabanas, boats, airplanes, and more. The music is loud but not overwhelming. The Cheeseburger in Paradise is a Jimmy Buffett fan’s dream.

His hotels are also really nice. The Island Hotel in Pigeon Forge is an example of how not to over-do a theme. It isn’t oversaturated with Buffett decor but everywhere you turn there’s something small that screams Buffett. Quotes are painted on walls, Beach chairs are out for sitting in, Jimmy Buffett’s music is played non-stop, and even the paint scheme is reminiscent of the island life.

Need some music to put you in a better mood or just looking for a change” Check out Jimmy Buffett’s music. Already a fan? Go see him in Harmony Korine’s new film “The Beach Bum” hitting theatres on March 29.