Austin Riddell: A Life in 10 Questions

Shane Davis, Staff Writer

Austin Riddell, a senior at Heritage High School, was recently asked a set of questions for us to get to know him better. The questions asked in the interview help us know what he’s like, his hobbies, how he acts, and more. The questions asked also helped the interviewer know more about him and to help you [the reader] know him as the interviewer does.

Q: “If you could live anywhere, where would it be?” 

A: “I kind of want to live near Atlanta. Just kind of like, I like the city in it. I think it looks good, but it would also be cool to live somewhere like Colorado with mountains everywhere.”  

Q: “What are your proudest accomplishments?” 

A: “I mean, I’ve done pretty good in high school, grade-wise, so I’m kind of proud of that.  I also do pretty well in band; I’m second chair, and I’m pretty proud of that. You know, that’s the thing that’s kind of important to me.”

S. Davis

Q: “What motivates you to work hard?” 

A: My mom getting mad at me is a pretty good motivator and also like, just like, i know, like, just kind of liked having to pay attention to how my future is going to go so I’m motivated to like, do good so i can get into a college and get a job.”

Q: “What is your biggest fear?”

A: “Applying to colleges and not getting accepted into the one I want, is probably my biggest fear.”

S. Davis

Q: “How would your friends describe you?”

A: “I’m clumsy a lot where I can trip and fall over nothing pretty often. I’m smart but I also don’t think. So I say stuff a lot and it’s just like, oh, wait, hold on go back.”

Q: “What are your hobbies?”

A: “I like reading a lot. Netflix is a hobby too. I really like coding. I’m learning how to do coding, so that’s a hobby that I picked up.”

Q: “Would you rather win the lottery or work at the perfect job?”

A: “Probably work at the perfect job because I mean, lotteries are like almost always a one-time thing, and then you have to plan out everything with the lottery.”

Q: “What is your favorite holiday?”

A: “Yeah, I really like Christmas just because right around that time all my family is together, and it’s pretty funny when I have my family all together. They’re loud, and we usually end up playing card games and stuff. That’s always fun because my family is super competitive.”

Q: “What’s your favorite movie?”

A: “I love all the Star Wars movies. I’m a nerd for them.”

Q: “Who knows you best?”

A: “Probably either my mom because I talk to her about stuff all the time or my friend Scout because I talk to him all the time too.”