The Truth Behind Rachael Jarman

Emily Kittle, Staff Writer

Rachael Jarman is a very free, caring person who is in Journalism for the first time this year. She also happens to love music: it even helps her relieve stress in a way that talking to people doesn’t. Rachael was born and raised in Virginia until she was six years old! 

In her free time, Rachael loves to play the guitar, listens to music, writes, and watches shows. She’s also with her friends most of the time. As Rachael says, “I love to be social with people I am close with!” She loves to talk about which music artist is better or which genre of music is because “everyone has a different view on everything, and everyone has different tastes, and it’s interesting to see the difference.” Not everyone has that attitude so that’s a really great mentality to have! 

Rachael likes to make people laugh. Although she’s not the most outgoing, she still likes to laugh with all her friends and even sometimes put a smile on a classmate’s face. 

She’s really good at school. Although she tries hard, it doesn’t work out how it was planned sometimes, and she tries even harder and puts forth her best effort. 

After we talked about what she liked to do, we talked about her greatest fears, her greatest accomplishments, and what she wants to do with he life. A little more heavy questions. When I asked her what her greatest fear was, her answer blew me away. Rachael said,”My biggest fear is death and eternity. It really scares me for life to just stop, but it also scares me to think about life never ending. It just goes on and on and on. It’s scary to me.” Death is a lot of people’s greatest fear, but eternity isn’t one we normally think of. If you think of it, every day you worry about how you’re going to live your life that day so you can live your life in an eternity that’s good, but you don’t want to die. Maybe we’re all a little afraid of eternity. 

I asked Rachael what she wanted to do after high school, being how she is a junior, and she said “I don’t know why, but I’ve always wanted to be a massage therapist,” and it’s actually a great aspiration to have because not a lot of people want to do that. I’m sure you’ll do great, Rachael!