Getting to Know Alyssa Blake

How does she really think?


Luke Harold, Staff Writer

Alyssa Delanie Blake is a fourteen-year-old freshman from Heritage High School.  She has many goals, ideas, and interests. She wants to play soccer, and she loves dogs.  Her worst fear is being shot. Additionally, her preferred future occupation is in law. I decided to ask her more about her future.

L. Harold

“Where do you see yourself in ten years?”

“In ten years, I see myself living in an apartment with a dog.  I would preferably be going to law school, with a job to support myself.  I would not like to be married or have any children. I think that I would not want to start a family until I am in my thirties.”

“What do you aspire to be?” I questioned Alyssa.  I was met with a simple answer: “Happy.”  

“Then, what is your definition of happiness, Alyssa?  Does happiness mean having a lot of money, a loving family, or both?” I interrogated her. 

 “Definitely the latter,” Alyssa confirmed. ”Having a loving family is my main goal in life.  I am very close to my family right now, and it would be amazing to have a funny husband and a lot of kids.” 

“So then, Alyssa, what qualities do you want in a husband?”

“Someone that has a great sense of style, humor, and is extremely outgoing.”

“Would you consider yourself outgoing?”

“Yes, I love my friends and I love meeting new people.  I would definitely consider myself a social butterfly.”

L. Harold

“If you were given one million dollars, what would you do with it?” 

“I would save it.”

“What would you save it for? Would you invest the money or would you just keep it in a savings account?”

“I would save the money for a good college, and my future house.  I would definitely keep the money in a savings account because it is less risky, and because you never know when you may need the money.” 

At this point I wanted to change the direction of the interview.  “What is your favorite part of school?”

“It would have to be getting to see my friends.  Without that, school would not even be worth coming to (jokingly).”

“What is your least favorite part of school?”

“Definitely homework.  On days when I get a lot of homework, it stresses me out badly.  Homework is without a doubt the worst part about school.”

“What is your overall opinion on high school?”

“I like high school, but it is very tiring.  There is a lot more homework and the expectations put on us are much higher than in middle school.”

“Earlier you told me that you wanted to play soccer.  Why?”

“Soccer has always seemed very fun to me.  I used to watch it a lot when I was younger.  While I’ve never played on a team before, I think it would be a new and interesting experience that I could try out.”

“Have you ever played any sports?”

“Yeah, when I was younger I used to do dance.  It just kind of became boring to me.”

At this point I again decided to switch up the questions.  I wanted to ask questions that hit closer to home, so I started making the questions more family oriented.

“What member of your immediate family are you closest to?”

“Definitely my brother.  We have been close ever since we were younger.”  

“What member of your immediate family are you most distant from?”

“My mom.”

“In what order are you in your family?”

“I am the baby in my family.  It definitely has advantages and disadvantages.” 

Lastly, I wanted to ask some more trivial questions.  I thought that asking these questions would really get into Alyssa’s way of thinking.  “What is your favorite movie of all time?” 

“Probably The Hangover.  It was really funny and I still love it to this day.”

“What is your favorite book of all time?”

“Definitely A Fault in our Stars.  I could not put that book down and it got me into my feels.”

“What is your favorite color?”


“What kind of music do you like?”

“I like a lot of different types of music.  I mostly listen to pop music, like Billy Eilish, but I also listen to rock and rap music.  I don’t like any one specific genre, I just like songs that have a nice flow.”

At this point I felt like I had asked enough questions for someone to get to know Alyssa.  She is a self-described outgoing, charismatic person. Alyssa has a lot of cool hobbies, goals, and ideas.  Overall, Alyssa a really interesting person that is worth getting to know!