Say Cheese, Seniors!

Maggie Hurst, Staff Writer

A picture is worth a thousand words, and senior year is worth thousands more. Ever since a student’s kindergarten year, they have gotten used to dressing nicely and getting their pictures taken for the yearbook. However, the time has come where the class of 2020 is excluded from basic yearbook pictures, these students are seniors now and they will be required to have their senior pictures taken and submitted to the school so that a formal portrait and a casual picture of each individual student will be in the yearbook. Many seniors take their senior pictures during the summer, however it’s not too late. It is important to schedule senior pictures that need to be taken as soon as possible. Even though the portraits won’t be due until January of 2020, it’s best to get them out of the way and reduce senior stress. Also, taking senior pictures sooner rather than later allows time to retake them if you’re displeased. Many students go through Prestige Portraits, however there are many other accessible locations. Prestige is linked directly to the school, therefore you can select which two pictures you want used, and they can send them directly to the school. If you go to a different photographer, they may not send the pictures to the school which you will need to make sure to do. Prestige Portraits and Beasley Photography are both linked through the school and are both good options. Any photos not taken by those two outlets will need to be uploaded to the “Senior Pictures” assignment on the Class of 2020 Google Classroom. It is just important to get pictures taken and turned it by January 2020.