A Doomed Bus Ride

Gavin Anchondo, Staff Writer

Every year we go through bus safety and we all wonder why we are on the bus again. The exits didn’t change and we still sit two to a seat. It becomes a rhythm every year and we go through the motions and get it over with so the band can ride the buses. Well, this year we actually had a bus ride where things didn’t go as planned.

It was Friday the 13th and the band was preparing to go to Pepperell for an away game. It was going to be the longest ride of the season and everyone was making jokes about us having bad luck due to the day. Ironically one of the buses showed up late so we thought it had actually come true. Little did we know what would come later. 

As we loaded the buses, we started watching Netflix and listening to our music. Basically everyone was getting comfortable for the two hour bus ride. Being on bus one, we always had to make sure the rest of the buses were still behind us and slow down if we got separated at a red light. This happened a few times but was never a big deal. About an hour into the ride, we noticed that the buses hadn’t been with us for a while so the driver radioed them. Of course none of us knew what had happened or what was said over the conversation. We only knew that our bus was suddenly turning around. 

When we pulled up, blue lights were flashing and a car without a trunk was in front of a line of buses on the side of the road. We would soon find out the a car had pulled over in front of the bus and stopped in the middle of the road. Anybody who has taken physical science knows that there was no way that the bus could have stopped in time. Everyone was ok and the bus was fine. It delayed our arrival but that was the worst part of it. The whole situation was a crazy reminder of why bus safety is something we do and showed that Friday the 13th is truly a cursed day.