Which Way Should You Go?

Maggie Hurst, Staff Writer

The sophomores participated in the annual teen maze on Tuesday, September 17th. Every year, the sophomore class takes a field trip to the Colonnade and goes through a series of scenarios that teaches them what to avoid in life. The field trip teaches each student about the effects of drinking, drugs, early pregnancy, stds, etc. Students are split up into groups and walked through different stations where they can learn what it is like to experience the things they need to steer clear of throughout their life, and throughout high school, especially. At one station, students wear “drunk goggles” to make them perceive things like they are intoxicated, they wear goggles and are then asked to perform tasks, such as driving go carts around a track.

Every student goes through a station where they learn about the effects of pregnancy and they are even made to wear a weighted garment to allow them to somewhat allow them to know what it feels like to be pregnant. They are also taught about different disorders and illnesses that can develop in a newborn if not taken care of properly. Workers from the health department participate in the teen maze, annually, in order to teach and inform students of the dangers they must do their best to avoid. Ultimately, the teen maze is a great learning experience that every individual needs to endure, at least once.