It was the 21st of September…

Rachael Jarman, Staff Writer

It is only one quarter of the way through the fall semester at Heritage High School, and there is already a lot going on. The teachers are working hard, and finding ways to make it easier for students to learn better, and faster. 

At Heritage, mid-term progress reports went home with students on Wednesday. Teachers are trying their best everyday for kids to understand all of the information they are teaching them. Mr. Bradford and so many others working at this school want students to try their best to keep their grades up. Why, you ask? They want this because it will let students graduate, and have a better future. For students to boost their grades, there is tutoring everyday for different subjects. Students have the opportunity to go to tutoring, and work up to having a better grade, but they are continuing to choose not to. This is a big problem for a lot of workers at this school, as Mr Bradford had told me, “I would really like to see students make the choice to attend tutoring sessions during lunch when they realize that they need help or don’t understand something.” Many workers are very worrisome and bothered by this, and hope students will do the same.

Homecoming Court elections were during first block, on Monday. Students were told to join a class on Google Classroom to vote for people, choosing only their top three, with Mrs. Petteys in charge. In the beginning, there were 5 senior girls that were running for election for Homecoming. There was a tie between two people: Mackenzie Lee and Neely Bailey. Mackenzie had won the revote, and was then competing against 4 other girls: Melissa Simmons, Gracy Smith, Mariah McCrary, and Briley Shaw. 

A lot went on Tuesday, including the teen maze field trip, the cross country travel, the choir trip, senior financial aid night, a volleyball game, and a softball game. Volleyball and softball games happened on Thursday, as well. On Thursday only, was the Catoosa County band exhibition. The band seems to have a great time doing special and exciting things as a group, and that is good for them. Because if it wasn’t enjoyable, what would be the point?

On Friday, an author named Jeff Zentner came to visit Heritage High to talk about what he has been writing, the books he has published, and a little bit about him. Jeff Zentner was actually a very great speaker, and he said some funny things at times. He is an interesting guy, along with his life. 

Powderpuff was also on Friday, with a price of three dollars. If anyone did not go, you would have to go to study hall with a teacher you’d pick. As winners, seniors reigned victorious, their second time in a row.

Heritage High School always has so much going on, it can be difficult at times to keep up. It is good for the school to have events like these for students, especially students that don’t have much to do when they get home. So many workers here at this school care so much about the students, they are so nice and have such great hearts.