The Legion Marches to Alabama

Gavin Anchondo, Staff Writer

So far the Legion of Generals Marching Band has been entertaining the crowds with this years show titled “Seasons of Love”. From the big hits, to the magnificent singing, the people love to clap and cheer for their favorite parts. The energy from the crowd feeds into the band and makes them play even harder. Now the Legion has to take that energy to their first competition of the season in Albertville, Alabama. 

With the excitement building, many students are getting ready to push hard this week and give everything they’ve got this weekend. When talking with the band captain, Audrey Smith, she explained a couple things she thought necessary for the band to succeed this weekend.

“We have to stay real focused this week. If you’ve never before, do it now. This competition sets us up for the rest of them. As long as the focus is there, we should do great.

It’s amazing knowing that all your hard work is fixing to pay off and you get to show how awesome your show is. If the band puts all they have into what they do, and the crowd pours that back into the show, it could be an amazing night”. 

As the weekend approaches, it’s time for everyone to give all they have and focus on making each run through better than the last. Everytime is a chance for improvement. When the students come back on Monday, they hope to be the grand champions once again.