Saved By The Ball

Maggie Hurst, Staff Writer

The annual Kickball Kick Off is October 2nd at 2:30 pm, after school, on the HHS soccer field. The kickball tournament is held by the career clubs, which consists of HOSA, SkillsUSA, FFA, FBLA, and FCCLA. Kickball requires minimal skills, therefore it is ideal for most students. The tournament is a huge deal every year.

Clubs, such as HOSA, take this tournament as an opportunity to form camaraderie and fuel competition. Club involvement helps students become involved, form long-lasting friendships, and allows them to experience kickball outside of a normal physical education class. Many students either love or hate kickball within a physical education setting, however, the kickball tournament is completely different than what can be found in class. The kick off will consist of various teams, an abundance of students from every grade, and teacher involvement.  

Each year, the kickball kick off is a memorable event. There are various strategies the participants take part in; some students may bunt the ball, or barely kick it, while others may kick the ball as hard as they can. All strategies have been proven successful when used wisely. In order to take part in the kickball kick off, students must join one of the clubs taking part (HOSA, SkillsUSA, FFA, FBLA, and FCCLA). Certain clubs may even reward participants for taking part in the tournament, last year HOSA provided participants with popsicles. 

In addition, participants will be at ease because it is officially fall and the weather is cooling down, therefore, the heat isn’t going to be a problem.