Meet Mr. Carter

Rachael Jarman, Staff Writer

Jason Carter is a very nice, humorous, hard-working, and godly man. He teaches American Government here at this school, and he cares a lot about his students and their learning. Coach Carter is a great teacher, along with being a great man.

I asked Mr. Carter, “Why did you decide to be a teacher?” He replied by saying, “I had a teacher who impacted me greatly and I wanted to do something that impacted someone’s life like that.” I expected him to say such things, seeing how enjoyable it is for him to teach at this school. When I was in his class, he was always positive, and very kind to all of his students. He treated us just like friends. Mr. Carter would always play music during class and show us stand up comedy and other comedic videos at the end of class. He is a very laid-back teacher, and I really like that about him.

Coach Carter told me how long he’s been teaching, and all of the schools he has taught at after I asked him, “Have you always taught here at Heritage?” He said, “No. I have taught for 26 years.” He then mentioned the schools he has taught at, including: Lafayette, Ringgold Middle, LFO, Dade County, and obviously here, at Heritage High. Not only has he been a teacher, he was also an assistant principal at the school of Boyton. Knowing how much he likes to work at a school, I am assuming that he more than likely enjoyed experiencing that. 

“What is something that inspires you?” Mr. Carter began to tell me how his daughter Kimi and his son Jacob inspire him a lot, “pursuing their dreams with all of their hearts” and “living passionately for Jesus.” His whole family, and himself, are all very religious and passionate people. They all play a big part in church and live our their beliefs. 

A couple of Mr. Carter’s favorite hobbies are reading a good book and speaking/preaching. He also leads two ministries, “spending a lot of time leading men’s weekends and serving others.”  Mr. Carter seems to really enjoy being involved with church, and he is a very religious man.

Coach Carter told me that most of the students here are very well-behaved, but that there is indeed, now and then, some shenanigans going on. I can tell how much Coach Carter enjoys teaching here at this school, and he cares a lot about all of the students’ education.

“Is there anything that you don’t like about this school or teaching?” I asked. Mr. Carter replied by saying, “I actually love teaching at HHS. I do get weary of new initiatives that roll around every 5 to 10 years in education that require us to spend more time on things other than the main thing.” Then he started to talk about Mr. Bradford and why he loves to work at HHS, saying that “Mr. Bradford works really hard to sift through those things and attempt to only require things of us that are beneficial and help students.” 

If Coach Carter did not teach, he said he would probably do full-time vocational ministry. “But looking back, I might start a business . . . I’m not sure what that would be, though,” he said. 

Mr. Carter loves music; it’s another passion of his. He also loves lyrics and quotes. So I asked him, “What is one of your favorite quotes or lyrics?” He replied with a quote from John Eldredge, saying, “The story of your life is the long and sustained assault of your heart by the one who knows what you could be and fears it.”