Daisy Lou & Shia Lebouf Jarman

Rachael Jarman, Staff Writer

I have two pets. Well, only one of them is really mine, but I like to think I have them both. I have a dog named Daisy, and I also have a cat named Shia. Both of these animals are very different compared to other pets, because of their personalities and how they act. Neither of them are trained, which can make it difficult at times for them to behave.

R. Jarman

Now, Daisy, my dog, is something else. She can really stress me out sometimes, but she’s the sweetest. Every time I come home, she’ll go crazy. She will be jumping up on me, kissing me, and wagging her tail like it’s the best day ever. What I mean by stressing me out is that she can do things that I don’t approve of, and it gets really annoying, such as running out the door. I do let her outside sometimes, but she did this before then. I get it: she doesn’t get to run free all that much, but when I call for her to come back, she’ll usually just look at me and run off the first few times. This gets really irritating because sometimes she will bark at animals and people in the neighborhood. She is getting used to everything though, so it’s getting better. Daisy isn’t trained, but sometimes I wish she was. She always sleeps in my room on my bed with me, and I don’t know if she actually loves me or if she just enjoys sleeping in there. Probably both. 

R. Jarman

Shia especially is the weird and different one. He is usually very anti-social and doesn’t like to be held or touched. 99% of the time that I will pick him up he will just go, “MEOW! EEAHHH!” like a little brat. He just wants himself to himself! Shia is actually one of the prettiest cats I’ve seen. I just really wish that he was more affectionate and sweet, like other cats I’ve met. But he’s not, unless he’s tired, then he might accept it. It all just depends. Shia can be very playful though, and he loves going on the back porch. Since he’s an inside cat, he likes to get as close to outside as possible. He always eats bugs, he’s a natural hunter, and I feel like he’s meant to be outside. My brother won’t let that happen, because we can’t risk that. Shia always claws at my door, meows over and over again, making it to where I wake up and get annoyed. He always wants food 24/7, and if he ate whenever he wanted, he’d be a FAT CAT. Every time my brother comes home, after I have fed Shia again, he will just beg for more. Shia’s odd, but he’s still the cat of the family.

Both of my animals are very quirky, but so is my family, so it’s okay: it all works out. Daisy and Shia are like polar opposites of how they act. They get along very well though. They always play with each other and have fun together. They have become friends over the one year that they have known each other. Everyone is family now, and I’m so glad!