Grab Your Tissues!

Emily Kittle, Staff Writer

The movies are a great place to have fun, laugh and enjoy a good movie, but when you go see a sad, sad movie just like Goldfinch, you will never be the same. This movie will make you appreciate what you have and you’d never go back to complaining. I don’t care if you’re a bratty teenager who thinks that you own the world or an adult who hasn’t talked to your parents in years, if you watch this movie you will go and hug your momma. 

Goldfinch is about a man named Theodore who just can’t escape his childhood nightmare from where his mother took him to an art gallery and there was an explosion. Everything was destroyed except for this boy’s mother’s favourite painting; So, he took it. He spent his whole life worrying about the painting, while using drugs and alcohol, but when he realized the painting was gone, he lost it. 

This movie was such a slap in the face with some people’s sad reality it was unbelievable. It was such a rollercoaster of emotions; the first impression was oh he’s going to tell his story, it should be fun, then you’re bawling your eyes out, after that you’re saying “Yes!” because his Ukraine best friend kissed him, then you’re crying again. It never ends! 

This movie is genuinely amazing in many ways because it shows a story. It shows how a death of a loved one can affect you in such a way you’d never imagine. However, if you are sensitive to suicide or abuse, you may not want to watch this movie. You might not want to watch it because everyone in the theatre was bawling their eyes out, but if you look at the story you may could get past that.