A Moment with Melissa

Gavin Anchondo, Staff Writer

As Homecoming comes up, many students begin to think about what they know about the different candidates. Well, sometimes the students are best friends with a candidate and then other times students know nothing about the candidates. Melissa Simmons is someone many people know already at Heritage for her singing, but she also has many things people don’t know about her. When sitting with her, she explains to me all the different aspects of her life and her role at Heritage High School.

Two big parts of my school life are band and the musical. I love band because I like being able to spend time with my friends and being able to be part of a group. I love the musical because singing is my favorite. I love Les Miserable! It’s been fun getting to work with students and getting to know all of them over the past couple months.”

“Outside of the classroom I am involved in Impact2One. I’ve played a role from the beginning in this whole organization. I helped found it and over these past years, I’ve fallen in love with the idea of high school being more than just grades. It can be about something greater than yourself. The relationships I’ve formed and the opportunities are more than I ever imagined when I first began high school.”

On the topic of Homecoming, I wanted to know what her thoughts were. So when I asked her to tell me elaborate on her feelings of it all, this is how she replied. “I would say the most exciting part is hearing all the support from the people in my school. It’s really fun to have that kind of support and hear such nice compliments from my different friends. I think that when that night gets here, it will be really exciting and it will really sink in. Getting prepared for that night is a cool process. I also look forward to being able to march the show in my dress this Friday night. It means a lot for people to have nominated me. Knowing that people look up to you is a gratifying feeling. It’s a big honor that people would consider someone like me to get this position. It makes me strive to be better”.

So everyone knows that Melissa is big into singing, but what are some things the student body may not know?

“I have an older sister and a younger brother who I have watched all five seasons of The Flash with. I also really love plants. I have thirteen plants and eight of them are in my room. I also worked at Holcomb for a while.”

So if students are interested in the Flash or have a big love for plants, Melissa may be the candidate for them. She is a great student who is connected in just about everything.