Fashion is Trash

Shane Davis, Staff Writer

Fashion is a staple in how society views us. Job interviews, formal wear, swimwear, bow ties: each is another defining feature in how our looks contribute to society. Even though looks don’t do anything but show how much money you waste on items to keep you warm. People don’t even think about how their precious $600 shoes were made. People in other countries work tirelessly to give consumers their clothes. Children work hard to give first- and second-world countries clothing items.

Fashion is stupid, and it doesn’t define who you are as a person. A person can wear old ruggedity clothes and still be the best person in the neighborhood or wherever they live. The newest and best shoes people see on the market are just as good as some $15 shoes consumers can buy elsewhere. People waste so much money buying expensive clothes made out of the same material an average shirt has.

The only good clothing items are hoodies, jackets, sweatpants, and bow ties. Bow ties are cool, and society should bring them back. People should consider keeping old items if they still fit. Society should remember to hold on to clothing items because some people don’t have the luxury of being fashionable, and can’t afford nice enough clothes, but are fine with what they wear. Those people are the real people of society: not asking for much, always grateful for everything they get.

What happened in society for people to be so ungrateful for a certain pair of shoes? Better yet, what even happened to society? That question may never be answered, but it’s pretty inconsiderate to judge someone based on how they look. It’s like if someone based on how someone else are by just their features. Imagine if there were no clothes at all. Firstly humans as a whole couldn’t be where we are today, but also no one would care what new brand another person  has.

All in all, fashion is plain ignorant, and people should be more grateful. Fashion is trash. Wear a hoodie and bowtie.