My Day at Dollywood

Maggie Hurst, Staff Writer

The senior trip to Dollywood was Monday, October 7th. The day was expected to be a rain soaked disaster, however, we couldn’t get our money back, therefore we persisted. The entire bus ride there I watched rain pour onto the windows, and while other people got more and more excited, I was more surprised that they were so oblivious to the apparent storm we were driving towards.

However, the rain actually held up for the entire eight hours that we roamed the park. I rode all the rollercoasters a minimum of eight times each. There was no wait for any attractions, and we had nothing stopping us from riding rides until we couldn’t walk straight. Normally, the rides have longer lines and the adrenaline wears off before you ride something else, but, since there was essentially no one there, we were able to run from ride to ride. It wasn’t until we slowed down, hours later, that all of the jarring and adrenaline hit us, causing us to stagger around the park until we felt like we’d been beaten to a pulp. The rides were so fun that we couldn’t help but ride everything.

The bus ride back I expected to be calm: I figured everyone would be sleepy, and the two and a half hours would fly by. I was very wrong. The bus that I wasn’t on was calm, but my bus was very far from calm. One person began playing music from their phone, and then every individual on the bus began loudly singing every word of every song played, mostly consisting of early 2000’s throwbacks. It was, admittedly, a great experience.