Only Men Aloud!

Gavin Anchondo, Staff Writer

This past Saturday, a few talented members of the chorus went to participate in an amazing opportunity. The Chattanooga Boys Choir hosted the sixth annual Only Men Aloud! festival for singers in grades 8-12 for a day of instruction, rehearsal, and performance. The event consisted of many different schools sending their male singers to the Baylor School Music Building to form different group choruses. To start the day, they got the music and began sight reading. They have to be able to start connecting different musical ideas and making the music come off the paper and out through their voices. They spend hours working on the music and connecting all the talented voices to the overall sound. The CBC’s Cantabile choir joins local students in preparing selections under the direction of CBC staff and guest clinician Dr. Jonathan Rodgers ,who is the Professor of Choral Music at Lee University. After all the hard work and practice, they perform their music for an enthusiastic audience. Students from Heritage included Elias Gentry, Trey Copeland, Zane Griffith, and AJ Sawyer. Each student had a different take-away, and they all had positive things to say after it was over.

Elias Gentry, one of the four students from Heritage to participate, had this to say about the event: “My favorite part was singing with the Auburn University men’s chorus. It was really cool, and they were such a talented group. It was a lot of hard work, but it turned out to be really awesome in the end.”

Mrs. Hamilton would always love to see more guys join Chorus and participate in events such as Only Men Aloud! They are a hard working group, and it definitely shows in their performances.