One Spooky Playlist

Emily Kittle, Staff Writer

Halloween is a very fun time of year. In fact it’s my favorite holiday, but there are many elements to having a good Halloween. One of the most important ones is music. There are three very popular songs that you most likely have heard either on the radio, in an amusement park, or even on Spotify around Halloween. 

The first one is “Monster Mash,” written by Bobby Pickett. It was released in 1962 specifically for Halloween. Many artists have done covers of this song to make its original quality either look astounding or dreadful. These artists range from “The Misfits” to“The Beach Boys” to even the “KIDZ BOP” crew (whose version, by the way, is a bop). “Monster Mash” sets the perfect vibe for walking around the amusement park or even being around the bonfire.

The second one is “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. It was released on November 30, 1982, but it wasn’t originally for Halloween. “KIDZ BOP”  also did a cover to this song, which made it even more hyped up and up-beat. Let’s be honest: it’s also a bop. “Thriller” has always been a classic for Halloween and probably always will be. It’s the perfect vibe for a Halloween party or a dance off. 

The last one is “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr. It was released in 1984. “Pentatonix” even did a cover of the song to make it unique. No instruments, just their voices. It was pretty good. “Ghostbusters” is perfect for a dance party or just chilling. No matter what, it will make you want to dance. 

These three songs are the classic Halloween songs we all know and love.  There may be covers of the songs, but the originals will always be the one and only that matter. They make you happy and they make you want to dance. Halloween is about having fun and that’s what the music does to you.