Everyone Needs “Balance”

Shane Davis, Staff Writer

Armin Van Buuren released his seventh album named “Balance” on October 25, 2019, and it succeeded its 2015 predecessor “Embrace.” Also, it was released as a double album consisting of fourteen tracks. There are fourteen songs on one side and fourteen on the other, making twenty-eight songs in all. A lot of people also helped work on these songs: for instance, “Runaway” which features Candance Sosa and “Wild Wild Son” features Sam Martin. Of course, Armin and his band have their own songs without featuring anyone. 

His works are a mix of dance, electronic, and trance. The other albums his band has worked on are “A State of Trance,” “Imagine,” “Mirage,” etc. One reviewer said on Digital Journal that “Orjan Nilsen’s club mix of ‘Cabin Fever’ is an added treat, and this would make a great banger at major electronic music festivals” while “Above & Beyond are absolutely divine with van Buuren on the stirring ‘Show Me Love.’”

As Armin’s life progresses, so too does his and his band’s music and story. Of course when celebrities make a name for themselves, many biographies and autobiographies are made. Wikipedia, though not always the most credible source, states that Van Buuren was only fourteen when he started making music. He was inspired by French music artist Jean-Michel Jarre and from then on made what many fans love. He was a DJ while in college for law. He would play tracks six hours or longer before he met Dave Lewis, who introduced him as a DJ in England and the United States. He won many awards for “Best DJ” five times, four years in a row by DJ Mag. But some may ask how does his music sound or feel?

One of his many songs on this, “Wild Wild Son” starts off with some ambient walking and bird sounds, then some piano and chorus. Then the band’s lead singer goes off with his amazing voice. The electronic is immediately heard when he starts. His robotic voice is soothing though, and the song gives off some good intentions. The piano is the main part of the music and it’s played very well. The music gives the listener a sort of tranquil feel, and it’s very relaxing. Another one of Van Buuren’s songs “Don’t Give Up on Me” features Josh Cumbee. It’s more of a dance type song, but it still has that electronic feel. It again starts off with ambient sounds, this time in a garage.The music is repetitive and isn’t as good as “Wild Wild Son” but it still has its ups and downs. Overall, this is a good album to sink into if you like electronic music.