Bop to the Top

Maggie Hurst, Staff Writer

District Seven Honor Chorus is the best of the best; it’s made up of the most elite singers from Heritage High School. The members of the Honors Chorus are selected by Mrs. Hamilton to go and compete in various chorus competitions. The District Seven Honor Chorus held their auditions nearly one month ago, and those chosen to be a part of it were all very honored and excited to have been chosen. Very few people have the talent that the students chosen possess. Singing takes an abundance of varying skills, and it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain and enhance singing ability. Junior Mallory Morris stated, when asked about being chosen, “I’m most looking forward to meeting people from our area I would not normally meet because they go to a different school and meeting people with the same love of music we share. What they look for in Honor Choirs is effort and dedication to singing and performing music. I think that the choir will do great. There are great singers from all different schools coming together with different knowledge of music and singing these songs we all put efforts to learning.”

Furthermore, there is an upcoming recital on November 4th for the District Seven Honor Chorus. Mrs. Hamilton has them practicing daily in preparation for next monday. Next week will be a very busy week for Mrs. Hamilton and the chorus. On Saturday, November 9th, there will also be All State Chorus auditions, many other students are preparing and are nervously awaiting this date, they are making sure they obtain a vocal range deemed admirable by Mrs. Hamilton to ensure their acceptance within the All State Chorus.