One Step Closer to Saving Lives

Madison Ables, Staff Writer

On Thursday November 7th, 2019, some students from the HOSA club at Heritage High School traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to attend the Fall Leadership Conference for HOSA students across Georgia. This experience gives students the opportunity to learn more about the field they’re interested in. It also brings students with common interests together to learn from each other as well. At the conference, all the students who attended gathered in the ballroom at the Omni hotel to listen to a guest speaker. 

The guest speaker was a retired UGA defensive linebacker; his speech was about not letting people’s opinions of you determine your dreams. He was a defensive linebacker in high school and in college, despite the fact that he was very short and a lot smaller than most other linebackers he went up against. He also continued with telling the students to have a plan for everything you do in your life and that the key to success is to make plans. 

On the second day at the conference, students were required to attend two informational classes on topics that interest them the most. Some of the classes included trauma nurse training, open heart surgery, and leadership classes. In the class, doctors, nurses, or professors come in front of a class and discuss the topic. After the topic is discussed, students have a chance to ask questions on things they don’t understand and need more information on. 

Mrs. Shannon Henley and Coach Chuck Janow chaperoned the trip. Mrs. Henley is an RN, Health Occupations teacher, and a home health care nurse. Coach Janow is a Marine veteran, RN, and paramedic. Both Mrs. Henley and Coach Janow are great teachers and learning from them is very easy, considering they have both had training in the nursing field.