Friday Night Lights (From A Dancer’s Perspective)

Bailey Sexton, Staff Writer

Friday nights are known for being the nights where all the high schools play football against opposing teams. Everyone hears what it’s like for the football players, and yeah, it is all about them, but no one really hears about what it’s like for the dancers or the cheerleaders. For us dancers, it’s just as much fun to be down on the track as it is for the football players to be down on the field. 

This is the time when all of our hard work through the summer and the beginning of the school year pays off. We finally get to show everyone what we have been working on. This is what we look forward to, performing in front of people. We get to perform in front of stands full of people, even though we aren’t necessarily what they are there for, people watch and it’s fun to think that we have an impact on people’s experience at the game, even if it is small. 

Through the summer and at all of our practices leading up to the start of the football season we use music off of a phone that the band had recorded for us. Football games we have live music, we have to think fast to know what dance to do. There are a lot of dances to learn and remember and it’s hard to be able to match them right away, but you have to think fast. 

For a dancer, Friday nights are our favorite. It’s the time where we get to show what we have been working so hard on at all of our practices. It’s the best part of the entire dance season.