Procrastination Problems

Rachael Jarman, Staff Writer

I have a big problem: procrastination. I can be a very unmotivated, lazy person. To the point where I won’t do some of my work in certain classes until the last minute. Sometimes it’s because I simply don’t want to do it, and other times, like in Journalism, it is because I can not think of what to write about. I also forget to do things very easily. 

Everyone knows how much I procrastinate, and how lazy I can be. It is not because I want to be behind, but because I get distracted, and don’t want to do it, or can’t think of anything. I only do things that truly motivate me, or that I have an idea for, like articles. I am someone who lives in the moment and never thinks or worries about how doing—or not doing— things now will affect me in the future. I haven’t even planned out what I am doing after high school, and that’s bad. Procrastination actually runs in my family, especially with my mom and, sometimes, my brother, who won’t do certain things that they need to do. It isn’t a major issue with them like it is with me though.

I also get a lot of tardies; I’m almost positive I’ve had nine this semester. I know that sounds crazy, but it is because I either sleep in too long, take too long to get ready, get stuck in the horrible traffic, or am kept behind by my Mom. (Sometimes she doesn’t get ready to take me to school until I’m ready or says “Let me heat up my coffee!”) I am not blaming my mom for this, but it does happen sometimes. 

As I am thinking about it and writing about it, it’s really making me realize how big of a deal it really is, and that I should work on myself with these things. It is getting very close to grades being due, so I need to start working hard and get everything done. In the future, I feel that I should do better with this, get my work done on time, and keep my head in the game. I have been feeling very motivated lately, and I think I should change this part of me for the better.