Singing for the Rocks

Caroline Boland, Staff Writer

The Heritage High School Chamber Choir, followed by all the juniors and seniors of the Concert Choir, recently ventured all the way up Lookout Mountain to perform an array of jolly Christmas songs. There was even a visit from Santa (our very own Elias Gentry)! Kellie Johnson, a Choir section leader and all-around amazing person, said, “We were kind of worried about how the choir together would perform. But after seeing a lot of our alumni in the crowd supporting us, we gave it our best.” Audiences were entertained by hilarious skits and the amazing singing skills of our Chorus.The Heritage Choir is filled to the brim with amazing talent. And following a display of that talent was the opportunity for students and parents to explore Rock City’s Enchanted Garden of Lights. This was an amazing experience for most. Rock City, every year, sets up rows upon rows of amazing and colorful lights depicting specially made places of imagination. There’s an Arctic Kingdom, a Magic Forest, and even an amazing North Pole Village. People of Chattanooga and surrounding areas flock to this yearly event with amazing expectations and are always happy. Along with an amazing time for family and friends, Rocky City partners with the Ronald McDonald House Charities in order to donate a portion of every ticket in order to benefit local families whose children are hospitalized. This amazing event is being held almost every Friday and Saturday up until Janurary 4th. So pack up the kids, grandkids, grandparents, and even the dog, and get yourself up to this iconic fun time!