Everyone’s Favorite Day!

Caroline Boland, Staff Writer

So the holiday season is finally upon us. With these happy days, come with it a flood of crazy American traditions. Like sitting on a random strangers lap at Hamilton Place and even building a house made out of cookies that taste almost stale right out of the box. Ah, the Holidays. You gotta love ‘em. 

Anyways, Heritage High School loves to celebrate the holidays. So why wouldn’t we have a full day where students can come to school in their favorite holiday attire! That’s right! Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

Next Tuesday, December 17th, our school is celebrating our annual Tacky Sweater Day. This tradition has been carried on since the opening of our school. Everyone is so excited to get the chance to show off some ugly tastes in fashion. Some of our very own Journalism staff are planning to dress up for the occasion. If you haven’t seen the ‘Five Star News’, our very own Shane Morehead described his amazing blue, Star of David, and cat covered sweater. Sounds fun right? Well we will see. On December 17th. Be looking forward to all the amazing christmas lights and fluff balls you’ll see. Because I know I am!