Don’t Be Fake

Maggie Hurst, Staff Writer

A Christmas tree is arguably one of the most important parts of Christmas. The tree provides an outlet of expression and celebration. However, there are some people who prefer the fake Christmas trees, I, myself, used to be one of those people. But let me tell you why real Christmas trees are the best. 

There are such things as Christmas tree farms. This means that as a family, you can travel to the farm and pick from hundreds of trees. It’s a heartwarming experience for all of those involved. If you purchase a fake tree, while, yes, this can be used for many years, the experience of going out and sawing down a real tree is surpassed. Instead, you just get the tree down from the attic or from the basement, fluff out the branches, and put it back up every year. 

A fake tree also doesn’t possess the smell of a real Christmas tree. The best part of a real tree is the struggle of getting it to stand up. Personally, my family takes pleasure in buying a tree that is significantly larger than what our living room will comfortably permit, and instead, we choose to pick a tree that we have to saw the top off of for it to fit. Then, we get to struggle to get it to stand up by screwing it into the stand. Of course then there’s the waiting period, when we all sit and wait for it to lean one way or the other and watch to see if it will actually fall. Suspense builds and normally it ends up leaning every direction before getting it to properly stand up. 

After the strenuous process of getting it to stand up, then you get to decorate it with hundreds of lights and tinsel. If you skip this process, you might as well skip Christmas too. While this may seem too time consuming, it really just brings the family together and it’s a tradition everyone can pass down in years to come. Therefore, anyone can conclude that real trees are undeniably better.