Singing Through the Holidays

Bailey Sexton, Staff Writer

On Thursday, December Fourteenth, the Heritage High School chorus joined with the Heritage Middle School chorus and a few band students put on a holiday concert. Each year the chorus students put together a holiday concert that is performed after school hours for parents and students to come see. The feedback that the chorus concerts receive from the performance is almost always very positive. In the concert there are many songs that are in different languages. When I talked to Mrs. Tollett she said that she was impressed with how well they performed. These songs are hard to perform considering that they aren’t necessarily all in our first language, but the chorus students to an excellent job singing them.

As well as their concert at the school, the high school chorus students got the opportunity to sing at Rock City. This is something that the students always look forward to. They sing some songs then after that they get the chance to just walk around Rock City and enjoy the sights. There is even a cookie decorating that is available for them to go do as a group after they sing. When I talked to Rilee Baker she said that one of her favorite memories from Rock City was going to decorate cookies with some of her closest friends that are in chorus with her.

Finally this past weekend the members of chamber choir got to sing for the Nutcracker. The Nutcracker is a christmas play that is put on each year at Christmas at the Tivoli in Downtown Chattanooga. This is a very unique opportunity and the students that got to sing had a very fun time doing so.