An Apple a Day…

Bailey Sexton, Staff Writer

Apple TV is basically Apple’s take on Netflix. Recently I got a new phone: an iPhone, of course. When I got it, I found out that I got Apple TV free for a year with the purchase. With any purchase of a new Apple product, you get it for a whole year for free. Many shows are on the app that are also on Hulu, Netflix, and the CW. There is a wide range of both shows and movies. After searching my options for a while, I found that some things you have to rent or buy while others are free. There are newer movies and shows along with older one. 

Once you buy a show or movie it appears in your library. You also have the option to download things, this is free to do, and you can watch these things when you don’t have the best , or no wifi connection. Which is very convenient for going on vacation when you don’t necessarily always have the best service for watching shows or movies on the drive. 

There are also options for you to buy TV channels through the app. Once you buy something, it’s yours forever, so buying a channel will allow you a lot more options of what to watch. There are channels ranging from news channels to holiday favorites. They also make their own shows and movies that you can only watch if you have Apple TV. There are things for everyone, adults, children, and all ages in between. All it takes to get all of these great shows and movies is your iCloud information.