Fight for What You Want

Madison Ables, Staff Writer

I have been going Black Friday shopping since I was in fifth grade, and while some people don’t enjoy it, I absolutely love it. I really like being around people and in big crowds and of course I love shopping. One thing I personally don’t understand is when people get into fights and think it’s necessary to hurt others, I understand wanting a deal but no sale is worth fighting someone. I always try to avoid Walmart and Target because that’s where people really lose their minds. One year I made the mistake of going into walmart on Black Friday and people were fighting over fifty percent off towels, they were just basic white towels.

Also, another thing that really doesn’t make sense is people who try to bring harm onto people shopping, or try to do something drastic and have a whole entire mall evacuate.

Last year, at the Hamilton Place mall in Chattanooga, Tennessee in the store Victoria Secret a man walked into the store and set off firecrackers to make people think there was a shooting, and then because of that Victoria Secret closed for the rest of the night. 

The sad thing about Black Friday now is there’s not that many good deals, and Black Friday is way overhyped, don’t get me wrong I love shopping and I love Black Friday but the deals are not worth the violence. Also, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving so I’m very surprised that anyone has the energy to even move.