Back to Riverdale

Bailey Sexton, Staff Writer

“Riverdale” is a popular television series broadcast by The CW. Many teenagers and young adults watch this series. The show is on its fourth season, and its newest season just started airing about five weeks ago. 

The show didn’t have the start that everyone was expecting. At the end of season three, there was a scene of one of the main characters, Jughead Jones, covered in blood and then a scene of a funeral service with many of the other characters crying. However with the death of Luke Perry there had to be a way to get me off of the show. So this season started with his exit off the show. There was a woman on the side of the road and Luke’s character, Fred Andrews, stopped to help her. While doing so, he gets hit by a car driving at too fast speeds. 

When Archie, Luke’s son, finds out about this news he goes to get his father’s body and bring him home, back to Riverdale. His closest friends Betty and Jughead go with him, along with his girlfriend Veronica Lodge. After the first episode, it’s not really that big of a deal anymore: the death of Archies father is brought up sometimes but not as much as you would expect it to be.

The drama with the Lodge family continues this season. Veronica’s parents are both still in jail. The lawyer is wanted Veronica to pick a side, either her mother or father. She chooses not to pick; she wants to remain in the middle because she really doesn’t want to help either one of them get released. She thinks that they are getting what they deserve—well, at first, anyways. She then sides with her mom and is pulling strings left and right trying to get her mom released or have a very minimal time to serve in prison. 

This season so far has been my favorite. It’s full of drama just like the other seasons, but this one has more of a story. None of the episodes have been boring. I haven’t had to force myself into finishing it like I’ve had to do with a couple in the past. I have a feeling that this season will be packed full of surprises and will be the best season yet.