Getting the Band Back Together


M. Petteys

Gavin Anchondo, Staff Writer

As the school year unfolds and Generals alike are trying to figure out what the new norm is, the Legion of Generals marching band has been pushing forward through all the crazy changes. In the past few weeks, the band has performed five times, including at their annual Preview Night, at the scrimmage game in August, at their annual Play-a-Thon (i.e. a Saturday practice), at their annual Pinning Ceremony, and, finally, at the football game last week against LFO. 

With COVID-19 protocols, this year has seen many people come and go. Some of those absences will last all season while some students may be out merely for two weeks to quarantine. With all the new protocols, this year has looked a bit different, but the Legion has found many different positives. Senior Neal Brite just returned from quarantine, and as the Band Captain this year he has played a big role in helping the band move forward.

“ I hate that I wasn’t able to go to the first game, but I am back and ready for this week! I truly believe that if we continue to put in the effort and strive for more, we can make this year great. The way I see it is that we can’t let our circumstances be a crutch; rather we should use them as motivation to push harder and play for those who can’t,” Neal said.

Along with the band, the color guard has been putting in an enormous amount of time as well. They were at school this summer, along with the percussion, weeks before the rest of the band showed up. Kailie Hardin is the Guard Captain this year, and she has been trying to help lead the guard in a direction that best suits them. She states that the guard has to have a different approach to how they learn the show this year, due to the time limitation they have put on them. 

“Time is truly the biggest factor with us this year. I feel a sense to rush certain things, but I know I have to also make sure that the work is clean before moving on. Everyone understands that we don’t have a lot of time to work together, so everyone is doing their part and working really hard to have a great show,” Kailie explains.

So as the year continues to move forward, the Legion of Generals will only continue to work harder and harder to present a show that audiences will love. Their show “Planet Earth ” is one that audiences will not only enjoy but also one in which they can find an applicable message about today. The show revolves around the story of the Earth and how greatly things have changed. It ends on the idea of restoration and a return to greatness which was presented in the beginning. So in a time where it seems there is so much confusion and destruction, we must rest assured that there is always peace after the storm.