Haikus If You’re Sad

I wrote these to cheer you up or maybe make you ponder.

Recently I have been in a weird emotional state, but of course I try and stay positive. I wrote four haikus this week! I hope you enjoy these; maybe you can get something happy or sad out of it.

“Rain Filled Darkness”

Rain days, heavy eyes

The darkness prolonged in days

Is there escape?


“New Normal”

You clean this, clean that

Life will never be normal

Is this our normal?


“Desolate Life”

Free my soul

This unforgiving story

Can someone save me?


“A Wise King?”
Full wealth vanishes 

People revolt, no mercy 

Greed has killed the king.

Now those were kind of deep and sad. I apologize if I have gotten you in a pondering or sad mood. I wrote this last one in hopes of making you happy;, I wish everyone in the world could be happy, honestly. Wouldn’t the world be so much better? But we all know humans would never allow that to happen. Well, anyways, here is the last haiku for the week:


“The Flood”

Huge flood waters rise

I did this, I caused this mess

I spilled the milk glass