Bringing a New Sound to Modern Music: Meet Daizy Skies

Brendan Franklin, Staff Writer

“Live music, ya know what I’m saying?” 

– Zach Adams

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of hearing a new band perform at the walking bridge in Chattanooga. It was unlike anything that I have heard come out in decades. They described it as “Pink Floyd, if they had FL Studio and a professional dubstep engineer.” Daizy Skies is a band that is trying to bring back that old psychedelic rock sound, but mashing the genre with elements of jazz, dubstep, hard rock and progressive rock. After listening to their set, I can assure you that if you are a fan of any of those genres, especially psychedelic rock, you will have a fantastic time listening to their “music for your soul and garbage for your ears.”

Daizy Skies is not your typical band. Consisting of Heritage alumni Noah Pennington, Roland Pullen, Zack Dowis, and Zach Adams, plus Heritage senior Neal Brite, the members of Daizy Skies come from different music backgrounds and have a wide array of influences. Frontman Zach Adams mentions, “I would say David Gilmour is my biggest influence. He taught me how to play guitar, along with Jimi Hendrix. ‘Little Wing’ was the song that taught me how to start soloing.” I can hear both of those guitar players in Zach’s playing. Other influences the band members cite are Corey Henry, Jacob Collier (Noah Pennington), John Mayer (Neal Brite), Flea (Zack Dowis), and Chad Smith (Roland Pullen).

Listening to them, I couldn’t help but think, “How are they going to make it big if nobody listens to this type of music anymore?” Noah Pennington reassured me that “the general trend right now, is so many people are getting tired of pop and rap music, which is why there’s so many different genres that are coming up, like indie artists.” Adams adds, “It’s people doing stuff no one has ever heard before. People are tired of singles, and so we are making a concept album with a full story behind it.” They’re taking it back to the 70s when that type of music was most popular. If it sounds anything like Pink Floyd’s “The Wall,” “Dark Side of The Moon,” “Animals” or “Wish You Were Here,” I think I will have a great time listening to it.

At this point, I know some of you might be thinking, “Daizy Skies? What a strange name.” Well, the story behind it is not as interesting. Adams says, “Our bass player Dowis and I were sitting in my garage, and it was before he was in the band. We were trying to come up with a name—anything. We sat down and said, we’ve got to make a name that fits in with the big guys like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead and DAIZY SKIES. A name that fits in with the titans.” It is such an easy name to remember. Every time I look at a daisy now, all I think about is this band. It’s very marketable and just an all around perfect name. 

I asked the band to describe their favorite song to perform since many of you reading this may not have seen them play yet. Adams’ favorite song ‘is probably ‘Gardens.’ I can just solo the whole time; I get an adrenaline frenzy. There are lyrics that go with it, but I solo just because I can without stepping on anyone’s feet. It’s like riding a majestic racehorse.” Roland added his favorite: “We don’t have a name for it yet, but I’m gonna call it ‘Zach’s Jam.’ We made it up last night, and it is a really slow, spacey-sounding song.” As enticing as those descriptions may be, I highly recommend you see them perform. Follow them on Instagram to see where they will be playing @daizy_skies.

To interview this band was a dream come true. They were all super nice guys who just love to rock and roll. To close off the interview, I asked them if they wanted to give one message to their fans. Adams responded, “What do I say every time I get on the mic? We are Daizy Skies, and it is our pleasure to rock your world.”

Be sure to check them out on Instagram, and get ready for their first studio released album, coming to Spotify, Apple Music and any other big music streaming app in mid-November. I am sure that it will rock your world.