Fall into Fall Guys (This Fall)

How bad can it be?

Cade Stone, Staff Writer

This summer, an indie game that took over everyone’s Playstation and PC, i.e. “Fall Guys,” received a massive update for its second season. The whole gimmick is that it’s a battle royale that is like a game show. You don’t injure the other players, but you can push them off and mess them up on the massive obstacle course. The new update added a Halloween and medieval theme to the game. For me, the first few hours on it were super fun, but it slowly grew dull like all battle royales do for me. I’m not a fan of the battle royale genre because it’s all the same with the same cringey fan base, yet this was different. The fan base was normal people; it brought something fresh to the genre. The game had a small budget like “Among Us” and was so simple that anyone could grasp the concept. The longer you play, though, the more repetitive it is. Unless you do well, then it picks up until you’re inevitably killed by the guy who has nothing better to do but play this game religiously. Other than those small complaints it’s all in all a fun game, if you like simple games. I personally can’t stand it at all, but when you first start playing it—oh boy, it’s fun. At launch, “Fall Guys” was a free game, so I, of course, played it because hey, it’s a free game. Currently, though, it is $19.99, which is a pretty good price since most games like it would either be free or $60. To wrap this up, I think it’s a decent game that has completely changed the battle royale genre. Most people seem to really enjoy it, and I think anyone could grasp the concept, so if you get bored of all the other basic games, you should fall into Fall Guys this fall (get it?).