Finally Getting There

Rachael Jarman, Staff Writer

I took my permit test not too long ago, and my learner’s permit came in the mail a few days ago; I turned 16 in June of 2019. I know, you might be thinking, “Why did it take so long?” Well, I’ve always been a person that gets distracted very easily, and sometimes I get stuck in my own world. 

There were at least five times that my mom told me to go get my permit, and I ended up just not going. When I wouldn’t at the start, I would just be like “Eh,” and go on with my life. Well, later on, my mom asked me again if I was ready, and I said that I would study that night and be ready the next day. So, I studied, memorized, and understood everything. I started to realize that maybe the test wasn’t going to be as hard, and I wouldn’t fail again like I did the first time. 

I took the test, and I passed it. I made an 80. After I got the paper and walked out of the place after talking to the workers, I started to question really what I was waiting for or what I was worried about. It was SO EASY. It was basically the same test I had taken and failed before, but I was just worried that I would fail it again and have to wait a year—at least that’s what I heard would happen. I felt very relieved and happy, and I could see the same in my mom’s eyes when she realized that I had passed it. Why did I take so long?

I seem to always settle something in my life, and I seem to always get sidetracked and distracted. This is a big weakness of mine, which I seem to be getting better at. I’m starting to do several things that I hadn’t done before because I was either lazy, or I just procrastinated on it, or both. When my learners permit finally came in the mail, though, I finally came to the complete realization that I needed to start driving and that it would be good for me. Without being able to drive, besides hanging out with my friends that can, I just stay at home all day. All I can do is go outside with my dog and walk around the neighborhood or do whatever I can inside of my house. 

I am starting to see how much my life is changing over time, and in a very good and positive way. I got my permit, I make way better grades than I ever did last year, I stay on top of things that I need to do, I’m starting to get the exercise that both I and my need, etc. I am very proud of myself and all that I have accomplished over time. Believe in yourself and what you can do; even a little will make you feel so good.