Pete’s Demise?

Gavin Anchondo, Staff Writer

Around this time every year, students at Heritage take part in holiday traditions set by the students who preceded them. Some classes hold parties while others just complete special assignments. Some, like Journalism, hold a Secret Santa exchange between students (and Mr. Peace) every year. For the band, though, the holidays means celebrating with Pete the Penguin. If you don’t know about Pete, he is a penguin that the former band director, Mr. Callaway, brought in many years ago. Pete has become a staple for the holiday season, and he brings joy to all those around him. This year, however, Pete has been canned. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it was decided that Pete would be shut down, never to celebrate with the band again. As this was a deep sting to many students, they decided to take action and rebel. (“They” have asked to stay anonymous, for fear of recriminations.) They got together and formulated a plan to relocate Pete, for the betterment of all mankind. If Pete was taken, 2020 would just go down even further and reach a point of no return. Pete was taken to a safe haven to continue on with his life. The location has been discovered by few, but it is up to his new keeper to maintain his safety. It is possible that Pete may make an appearance when the Christmas concert takes place but until then, he will be residing in a new home and learning all about a new culture.