Universal > Disney

Allie Boyd, Staff Writer

Universal is better than Disney. Yes, Disney is the superior choice when taking children from 1-10 to amusement parks, but as Universal stated “Kids grow up and so do Vacations”. Which means as your children grow up and become teens they want more thrilling and realistic rides. Luckily Universal is just the place. Whether it be King Kong Skull Island or Harry Potter Escape From Gringotts, all Universal Rides are focused towards thrills and people aging from 10+.  

Some people may argue that if my family comes to Universal what will the younger children enjoy since there are no younger rides. This statement is in fact false. If you are considering coming to Universal while your children are younger there are rides meant just for them. For example there is Dr. Suess Land. This land fully immerses you into a wacky and fun Dr. Suess world, like you are in one of the books. Your child can ride The Cat in the Hat ride, which tells the story of the Cat in the Hat. It’s a slow, dark ride made just for the youth. There are also rides and play areas like The Caro-Suess-el, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, If I ran a Zoo, and The Once-ler’s house. There is not just Dr. Suess Land for your toddlers to enjoy, but Universal also has the Curious George Water Park, Woody Woodpecker Roller Coaster, Pet Actor Show, Fival’s Playground, Character Meet and Greets, Flying Adventure, Minions Ride, and Shrek 4D ride. 

Not to mention Universal can be very exciting and enjoyable for adults, not just teens. Since Universal is targeted at people from 10+ adults can find Universal just as fun. While at Disney everything is targeted for the youth. The rides like Jurassic World, Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey, Transformers, and The Mummy are just a few of many great rides that all adults enjoy. Some say it makes them feel like a kid again, which is incredibly important when it comes to making a theme park for all flocks of life.

Universal is definitely the better choice over Disney when planning your next vacation. Universal is made for the enjoyment of everyone, while Disney is mostly made for the enjoyment of youth. Adults need to have fun as well, and that’s exactly what Universal has done.