A Divided Nation


Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Gavin Anchondo, Staff Writer

Everyone knows that this year has been crazy and full of the unexpected. It only makes sense that it would also be the year of an election. With so much going on in America, the two candidates couldn’t be farther apart. The Republican Party is represented by President Donald Trump and the Democratic Party chose to have Joe Biden go against him. As of November, America is in a place of confusion it would seem. After the election, the results show that Joe Biden won both the popular vote and the electoral college. Oddly enough, some states are still counting votes weeks after the election. The Trump Campaign has also challenged the election, claiming numerous accounts of voter fraud, and plan on taking everything to court. At this point, President-Elect Biden continues to move on with his plans for the country and Trump fights for what he believes is justice for his campaign. 

This year showed an interesting perspective into the election way before it even started. Businesses began to board up their windows and prepare for the upcoming riot that would follow the election. This is a weird perspective into the state of our nation. Obviously America will never fully be on the same page but the idea that it has become normal for destruction shows a sad reality.

 The election may not be fully decided until the new year and Americans will just have to pick through all the stories and decide for themselves what they believe. Both candidates ran strong campaigns, highlighting what they found important and trying to reach out to the Americans they could relate to. Everything from COVID-19 to foreign relations was discussed. The United States will need strong leadership to bring Americans out of the pandemic. Only time will tell who that leader will be.